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Suite's Story

Suite is making cloud-based post-production easy and accessible to all post-production studios. Our platform opens new doors to the creative industry, removing the need to ship hard drives and purchase expensive on-premises servers for simple file sharing, processing, and remote collaboration. Suite allows the creative industry to easily utilize a comprehensive set of cloud technologies through our user-facing web application and cutting-edge backend platform.

We are a small unified team making a big impact. We take great pride in every line of code we ship and recognize everyone's substantial impact on our product’s success. We are thoughtful about code quality, automated testing, and architecture, and we push code to production confidently multiple times per day. We focus intentionally on creating an amazing developer experience. We are serverless-first, we offer personal environments for each developer, and we enlist a carefully selected set of automated tooling in an intelligent codebase to make writing code as pleasant as possible. We value positive energy, continuous education, and open communication and we are committed to building an environment that is inclusive and supportive for everyone.

Your Story

Not only are you passionate about our vision, but you take pride in your work and one day see yourself leading a team that takes pride in theirs. You are a high-output teammate who accepts others and encourages excellence within your team. You have the following skills and experiences:

  • 5+ years of experience developing apps with Typescript and component-based frameworks
  • Experience consuming GraphQL APIs
  • Strong experience with Typescript
  • Strong Experience with React
  • Comfortable with modern development tools such as git, webpack, CircleCI, NPM, eslint, etc.
  • You write high quality, type-safe, and fully tested code
  • You take pragmatic approaches to testing and are familiar with automated testing frameworks such as Jest
  • You are a team player. You strive to educate the team and accompany code with clear documentation
  • You are open to suggestions with a team-first attitude and willing to take mitigated risks to move a project forward
  • You have outstanding written and verbal communications skills with the ability to translate complex technology concepts into simple and intuitive material
  • You live by the same values as Suite and prioritize people, communicate openly, have fun, and succeed as a team.
  • Bonus: Experience in Post Production technology and workflows

Your Day to Day

As an early hire, you will be a critical member of the Suite team with a lot of influence over our future direction. Not only will you be critically involved in the development of our web applications, but you will be a key player in shaping the future of the post-production industry. The technology you help build will allow studios to create without boundaries, leveling the playing field for artists and democratizing the post-production industry. You will be responsible for ensuring a consistent, performant, and high-quality user experience through our web applications. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Translate our high-fidelity UI/UX designs into a modern user-facing web application
  • Create trustworthy user experiences by delivering performant, reliable user interactions and a clean, beautiful UI.
  • Write outstanding, clean, tested, documented code demonstrating best practices and conforming to our coding standards.
  • Build, test, and ship using modern tooling such as React, ES6, Jest, and Webpack.
  • Consistently document application architecture and communicate design requirements, decisions, and trade-offs with the team.
  • Help turn our vision into a tangible roadmap every quarter by working with senior leadership, taking ownership of the product, and driving projects forward with little structure or guidance
  • Bring a strong work ethic and positive energy to your team and make your coworkers feel welcome and included in every interaction.

Your Future

Pay: 130-180k (Dependent upon experience)

Equity: Absolutely

Benefits: Health & Dental

Vacation: Unlimited

*Additional Perks: *

  • Early hire, help build the company from the ground up
  • Flexible work from home policy
  • Casual Dress
  • Unlimited free beer, hard seltzers, and delicious coffee
  • Taco Tuesdays, every Tuesday

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