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Seth Richardson
Director of Post Production - At Will Media

“Suite streamlines my day-to-day in ways that I didn't think that it could. As a company, we are quantifiably faster on Suite — we are delivering shows earlier. That’s a huge deal.”

Joey Korenman
Founder - School of Motion

“I’m constantly trying to find ways to shave time off of our workflow. Suite does exactly that. Working with content creators all over the world, it lets my brain stay focused on the creative stuff, the important stuff.”

Jay Torres

“We were looking for tools that helped us work in a more efficient way. That’s what led us to Suite. Since then, we’ve been able to expand our operations and work with artists around the world.”

Dan Tundis
Director of Post Production - Hometeam

“Since we’re no longer reconnecting media files, waiting on hard drives delayed in the mail or anything like that, we're able to focus on more important tasks than being caught up in the bits and bytes.”

Ash Stahl
CEO - Flighthouse

“You guys truly saved our lives. It was an AHA! moment... realizing that Suite could solve all of our problems."

Erin Pennington
Creative Director - XPLR.NASH

“If teams don't want to adopt cloud-based workflows, they must love sitting around waiting for files. With Suite, that’s no longer part of the process.”

James Parker
President - Riverview Studios

“Looking at major changes in post production, from insert editing to non-linear editing, Suite is a major milestone. The team can get work done and delivered from anywhere, and we can share files easily. Suite makes it possible."

Carly Smith
Production Manager - LocalEyes

“Suite has delivered exactly as promised. It's really empowering our editors to do their jobs and not spend nearly as much time on the non-sense."

Ben Pickett
Sr. Post Producer/Editor - Fact & Fiction

"The ability to have our media in one place is amazing."

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The cloud... but localHello Files.

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The perfect balance of cloud & local.

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File Access
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24 Gbps
Per User Read Speed
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10 Gbps
Per User Write Speed
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Centralized Files. Remote Teams.

Suite is cloud storage that comes to you — every file, every asset, instantly available to everyone on your team, and intuitively organized within your file browser of choice.

Faster Storage.
Better Creative.

Suite simplifies cloud storage by taking care of the technical heavy lifting — just upload your media, share it instantly with your team, and dive back into the creative process.

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