Security & Reliability

Suite's committed to an uncompromising blend of creativity, functionality, reliability, and security. Our platform stands unrivaled in its assurance to creative teams that their media assets are securely stored and protected.

Transactional Writes

Suite understands that corrupted files are never an acceptable outcome, so we designed a system which guarantees transactional file writes to avoid corrupted files.

A transaction is a group of operations that are treated as a single, all or nothing operation. When a transaction for a file write succeeds, there is 100% confidence that the file is correct and if a transaction fails, no updates to that file will be seen by any other user, client, or future call referencing that file. Each operation is individually verified for correctness and the transaction completes only after all operations succeed - 100% corruption-free.

This means that if any component (such as internet connectivity) isn’t behaving as expected, the user has confidence that persisted data is correct and they have the ability to resolve any issues and keep moving.

Suite is the only storage system that guarantees transactional writes for files.


A fundamental aspect of data security is simply where the data is stored.

Many data storage techniques offer no security protections and zero redundancy mechanisms. If the wrong person gains physical access to the device, data is accessible. In the case of a failure, data is lost. We understand the requirements of highly-sensitive workloads and designed Suite to store 100% of data to top-tier object storage data centers designed for long-term data storage.

These centers implement layers of protection to ensure your data is not accessible to unauthorized identities through secure facilities with 24/7 security monitoring and strict identified hardware access policies.

In addition, these systems implement data redundancy at every level to ensure data can easily tolerate hardware and software failures, where each piece of data written to the object storage system is copied exactly 3 times to geographically distributed data centers. In the event of any hardware failure, new copies are automatically generated to maintain multiple redundant copies of all data at all times.


Encryption is often described in an overcomplicated manner.

To state it simply: it is a technique which ensures that even with access to the data, only the correct people can decode and read the data.

Suite integrates seamlessly with object storage infrastructure to guarantee that 100% of the data handled by Suite and the infrastructure is encrypted both in-transit and at-rest in the cloud.

When evaluating modern cloud storage, this is a needed checkbox and ensures that at every step, you can see your data and nobody else can, period.

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