Suite Studios Cloud based editing and post production

How it works

Suite handles all of the technical infrastructure that cloud based workflows require and allows creative teams to focus on doing what they do best, creating!

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Step 1

Upload Assets

Simply drag & drop files within your local file explorer to Suite's cloud-based NAS. No more mailing hard drives or long file transfer processes.

Step 2

Power on a Workstation

Turn on your workstation with a single click. Since it is your personal cloud workstation, your programs, plugins, and files will be exactly how left them.

Step 3

Start Editing

This is the part you are familiar with! Start editing on your cloud based workstation with an experience that feels indistinguishable from a "local" computer.

Step 4

Scale CPU resources

Feel you need more power? No problem, simply scale your resources, adding additional CPU, GPU, and RAM to ensure that your workflow remains smooth.

Step 5


Invite other creatives, regardless of their location, to join your workstation in real time! Editors can trade off on the controls and managers can share feedback instantly.

Step 6


Share your project with the world! Let Suite do the heavy lifting and rendering on the export, allowing content to get finalized faster than ever.

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