Suite Studios Cloud based editing and post production

How it works

Suite hustles behind the scenes to handle all the intricacies of cloud-based workflows. That means your post production team can get back to what it does best—being creative.

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Step 1

Power On Your Workstation

Turn on your workstation with a single click and customize it to match your needs. Easily drag & drop files to Suite Storage to access your latest projects. Gone are the days of mailing hard drives between collaborators and waiting days for files to download

Step 2

Find Your Editing Flow State

Using your favorite creative software—including Adobe, DaVinci, Unreal Engine and more—your custom, cloud-based workstation instantly immerses you in a familiar, intuitive editing experience. Get back to being creative and forget worrying about everything else.

Step 3

Collaborate With The People That Matter

Invite other creatives to join your workstation and edit with you in real-time, no matter their location. Editors and managers can provide feedback in real-time and even trade off controlling the computer, unlocking a level of collaboration that will jumpstart your studio’s productivity, open new doors to working with remote editors and get you to “YES” faster than ever before.

Step 4

Scale Suite To Match Your Needs

When your next project requires more computing power, Suite Studio makes it easy to upgrade. Add additional CPU, GPU and RAM at the click of a button to supercharge the capabilities of your workstation.

Step 5

Export The Final Cut

It’s time to share your project with the world. Suite Studio's powerful computing facilitates high-speed rendering and exporting of massive media projects, so you can celebrate the release of your latest project instead of waiting in limbo for its completion.

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