Lag Free Editing

Flexible Power that Scales

Virtual Workstations add a new level of flexibility. When projects or renders start feeling slow, simply increase the power of the workstation and get back to a fluid creating experience.

Edit Fast & Deliver Faster

Power on tap

Don't let that new, data intensive, video resolution slow down your creativity. If your workstation starts lagging, upgrade the workstations RAM, CPU, and GPU at the click of a button.

Render faster than ever

With workstation specs topping out at over 350GB of RAM and 96 CPU Cores, you can be sure that your renders will be processed as fast as possible.

Desktop Not Required

Imagine the freedom of not needing a powerful desktop computer to work! Even if you already have a purpose built desktop machine, Suite let's you work on your projects when it isn't close by! Have a flawless editing experience on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a fast internet connection to use the Suite?
Virtualize your Post Production workflow
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