Upload video assets to Suite Studios Cloud Storage
“Oh, so this is like a remote desktop?” 

Conceptually speaking, it’s not too far off from a remote desktop solution. However, accessing a high powered workstation in the cloud has a lot of different features and benefits than your typical remote desktop solution. 

With a remote desktop, you have the ability to access your studio computer from another computer.

In contrast, you don’t truly have full control of the computer. For example, if the computer is off, you can not connect. If the computer starts slowing down, it cannot be scaled. If your hard drive or your files are not connected, you cannot access them. That means someone (usually you) is heading into the office to troubleshoot or swap things out. 

Setting all of those aside, typically the experience on a remote desktop solution is not designed to handle video production work. Don’t get us wrong, we know it’s improved. But the fact is, you’re still going to experience lag and latency when working with a remote desktop. It might work for sending emails or editing a word doc, but when you’re trying to nail that transition or make a split-second edit, having a fluid experience is key. 

By applying the same concept but instead integrating it with a cloud based workstation, those problems fade away.

With Suite, speed and smoothness is the name of the game. Since day one, it has been our priority to establish a consistent and exceptional stream. Our workstations support 4K streaming with “frame accurate” A/V Sync, 60 frames per second, and pixel perfect color. Assuming you have a strong network connection, the experience will feel as if you are sitting in front of your studio computer. 

You have full control of your cloud-based workstation from any device. Think: accessing a $15,000 desktop from a $500 chromebook. All it takes is the virtual flip of a switch and you can upgrade your workstation to whatever level the project requires. Working in 8K and need extra RAM to get the project done on time? You’ve got it. Similarly, for that 1080p social media short, you can power down and only use what you need. 

Suite was built by video professionals for video production, it’s not just a workaround or another way of using the traditional approach. We designed our product to make your life easier.