Upload video assets to Suite Studios Cloud Storage

The key value of cloud storage is accessibility. No matter the location, no matter the device, cloud storage makes your files accessible. However, just because a file is accessible does not mean that it is usable. For a file stored in the cloud to be usable,  you need to download a local copy. Sure, for small files like text documents, photos, or small phone videos, waiting a few minutes to download is no big deal. But raw video files are huge, and most commercial projects can easily reach multiple terabytes in size. This all means that “accessibility” really means “you can have your files but you’ll have to wait hours or even days to use them”.  

At Suite, we look at the problem like this: The storage is in the cloud, but the computers working off that storage aren't. Our solution is simple, let's work directly off cloud storage via scalable cloud computers. With Suite, you don’t need to worry about downloading or mailing hard drives. You can simply stream a powerful workstation to your laptop, desktop or tablet and work directly off your cloud storage. When you want to work with a collaborator you can invite them securely to your organization and they can be working with terabytes of files in a matter of minutes. 

How we do it?

We created a game-changing cloud service that intelligently manages scalable cloud workstations (Up to 256 GiB RAM, and 64 CPU cores)  that are connected to a proprietary highly performant, and scalable NAS style file system. You can utilize our service just like any other storage provider like Dropbox, google drive, or frame.io, But when it comes time to work on your files instead of waiting hours for downloads you can work directly off your files by streaming a cloud workstation at 4k 60fps with perfect audio-video sync. Suite unlocks the power of the cloud to every post-production studio in the world.