Upload video assets to Suite Studios Cloud Storage

For many studios and editors, creating proxies is just another part of the process. Depending on your machine, your location, or both, using lower resolution assets to make quick (or even long) edits might just be how projects get done. Never mind the time it takes to export the files -- and then export them again -- it’s all just a part of the process.

When it comes to cloud-based workflows however, it doesn’t have to be. The benefits of cloud computing, including access to high-performing machines no matter where you are or what specific computer is sitting in front of you, mean you don’t have to worry about high-resolution files slowing you down. Simply turn up the power on your virtual workstation and edit directly with your “full res” assets, be they 4k, 8k, or beyond.

The benefits to eliminating proxy workflows should be immediately apparent. If you’re editing a 4k resolution project in 720p, you’re working with a file that is 1/8th the quality it will be in the final cut. And while that might be good enough to make most decisions, most of the time, there’s no doubt you’ll be fixing unseen errors and cleaning up the project after swapping back to the full resolution files. 

Proxy workflows also take time to create. Media encoders take time, and waiting around for exports on both ends of the process slows everything down. With a cloud-based workflow, you can upload your high-resolution files one time, and everyone on the team can work directly on those files. With access to exactly the amount of CPU, GPU, and memory you need with just the flip of an online switch, no one needs a special machine or new technology to get through their edits quickly and efficiently.

Even still, we occasionally talk to customers who still want to utilize proxy workflows when they first begin a project. While they wait for their high-resolution assets to upload, they work on proxy files that have already been uploaded in a much shorter amount of time. It allows you to get the creative process started almost immediately, and make the raw cuts you know you’ll need before diving into the details. If that’s how you prefer to work, Suite makes it possible. 

But for all the other driving factors behind proxy workflows...with cloud-based workflows through Suite, they’re obsolete. Just one more step Suite can remove from your production process, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the work you love, not the technical annoyances that get in the way.