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Suite’s New Dashboard is Live!

Suite’s new dashboard is officially live. This release comes with tons of great features that are the direct result of thousands of conversations with studios over the last year. Let’s break down what’s new. 

Feature 1: Suite Teams

With the new release, Suite users have the ability to have multiple workstations under the same Suite account! Multiple workstations will allow various team members to access and share the same files all under one account. No more mailing hard drives or file transfer services!

Feature 2: Cloud-Based NAS

Suite’s cloud-based NAS is live and we couldn’t be more excited.

Team members within a Suite account will be able to access the exact same files in real time. This allows studios to have the same, server-based workflow that they love, without the need to be centrally located. 

Feature 3: Drag & Drop Uploading

Uploading files to Suite just became WAY easier.

With the new release, users can simply drag and drop files or folders from their local computer directly to their Suite Storage drive that is visible within their local file browser. Once uploaded, everyone on the team will be able to access their files via the cloud-based NAS.

Interested in a demo?

We'd be happy to walk you through the new dashboard and features! Simply click here to request a demo.