Upload video assets to Suite Studios Cloud Storage

Regardless of what industry you’re in or where you’re located — finding the right people to fill the positions you need is a struggle. To put it simply, hiring is hard right now. 

In the past, it made sense, hiring an editor who wasn’t local cost additional time and money. Collaborating with someone just a few hours away was hard, cumbersome, and added time to the post-production process. For this reason, many studios were forced to find talent that was close to home.

Cloud-based workflows change this. With the ability to upload files to a centralized storage location that is accessible from anywhere, teams no longer need to be in the same room to get that over-the-shoulder editing experience.

Rather than focusing on logistics, studios can now focus their time and energy on actually working with their creators and clients. No more tracking packages, no more conference calls where you’re hoping you’re on the same page, and no more wondering if whatever they send back is actually what you wanted. With Suite, working with someone across the country feels like they are in the edit bay with you.

Whether you are looking for help on a certain project, or a client needs some VFX work that only a specialized CGI shop can provide, remote collaboration allows studios to have the ability to bring in qualified talent from around the world.

Go ahead, take on that larger project that requires more hands on deck. Find that team member that you have been missing. Instead of hoping your team is aligned, oversee edits in real time.

With Suite, it’s all possible.