Upload video assets to Suite Studios Cloud Storage

Until very recently, A/V sync was the most-often cited issue for why video editing and production studios were hesitant to switch to cloud-based workflows. Thanks to advances in technology, as well as the hard work of our partners, A/V Sync is “frame accurate” for Suite.

For years, it was an obvious challenge. Working with multicam interviews, or a fast-moving music video where the beat has to hit just right, a few milliseconds can make all the difference.

Sadly, for many who have previously tried editing in the cloud, A/V sync was often off by hundreds of milliseconds, making it nearly impossible to make any critical editing decisions. 

All of that changed this year. At Suite, our workstations have a frame accurate A/V sync that rarely surpasses 30 milliseconds. Since day one, we have made it a priority for our streams to be “frame-accurate”, ensuring that what editors are seeing and hearing is accurate. 

While this is true for Suite, it’s not for the other cloud-based solutions out there, many of which are still seeing delays of 125 milliseconds.

With Suite, you can prioritize A/V Sync, ensuring that the stream puts an emphasis on accuracy between your audio and video tracks. Sometimes, it might not be as important to have the audio so closely dialed, in which case you can turn off the setting and prioritize responsiveness in other areas. 

It's time to have confidence, we’ve got it in sync.